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Bobardt Enterprises Inc.

Professional Cleaning Services

Service Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning a home can be a difficult task, especially when you are busy with other responsibilities. If tidying up your property is not high on your list, we can help. With our cleaning service you can take care of your other obligations and we will ensure excellent results. Our cleaners ensure that every area is spotless to meet your expectations.Bobardt Enterprises Inc. is an all household cleaning company that provides exceptional services to our clients to keep their homes clean and tidy. We offer our all customers basic and thorough cleaning options, entry and exit cleaning.
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Building Cleaning

* Maintenance Cleaning

* Business Cleaning

* Salesroom Cleaning

* Window Cleaning

* Final Cleaning

* Facade Cleaning

* Industrial Cleaning

* Advertising equipment Cleaning

* Basic Cleaning

* Office Cleaning

* Parking lot Cleaning

* High pressure Cleaning

Office Cleaning

* Carpet Cleaning

* Empty waste bin,empty ashtray, dispose of and Clean

* We wipe office desks and telephones with a damp cloth and disinfect them

* We clean and wipe all floors with a damp cloth

* Remove stains from carpets. Clean windows, doors and door frames

* Clean walls,partitions and ceilings

* Complete PC Cleaning

* Special Cleaning on request

Janitorial Services

* Care and control of your properties

* Supervision of House rules

*Control of the technical systems

* Monitoring  of  the  perfect overall condition of property

* Check of the entire electrical,such sa switches,lighting etc.

* Check door locking systems, cylinders,locks,etc.

* Regular personal presence in the property

* Read mter readings

* Carrying out minor repairs

* Cleaning the outside and  inside

* 24/7 emergency service

* Clearing out apartment and houshold liquidation

Our pricing Plans

Regular Housekeeping

$450 /month

House cleaning & Apartment cleaning

Window cleaning

Sanitary area cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Cleaning takes place twice a wek for two hours each time

One-time Cleaning


House cleaning & Apartment cleaning

Window cleaning

Sanitary area cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

Recurring Office Cleaning


Office cleaning

Desk cleaning

Phone and PC cleaning

Stairwell and sanitary cleaning

Empty wastebasket

Special cleaning on request


Our shop

About Us

Our Story

A cleaning service with a reputation for excellence Clean Professional Services handles the most demanding cleaning environments in all majorindustries in Fox Valley and Green Bay. Bobardt Enterprises Inc. was  founded in Germany in 2010. Over the years we have earned an international reputation for providing excellent cleaning services for living and business premises with German thoroughness. Our goal is to always exceed your expectation with high quality work and exceptional customer service. Contact us today at email: for more information on our cleaning services.



4321 W.College Avenue,Suite 200  54914 Appleton Wisconsin USA




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